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btw, it's incredibly horrible to write stuff from my phone here, so thanks for the birthday wishes people <3 
  • Listening to: msi
  • Playing: UNDERTALE
  • Eating: nothing, smoking a green
  • Drinking: wine
isn't it great? 

made some fan art of it…
  • Listening to: duo pegla
  • Playing: UNDERTALE
  • Eating: nothing, smoking a green
  • Drinking: wine
by Jimbury <3 

1. What do you think, why do Slavic people squat?
-i have a few theories:
1: to better pet their dogs ( Aztekicciu by Jackie-Jaw Aztec, the sausage mix slavic dog) 
2:they are always ready to jump into a fight, like toads. 
3: so they don't fal after drinking rakija.
4:because they are so much taller than normal people.
5: to don't get hit by a grandma carring a log. 

2. What's the last book you read and any details that you would like to share?
Elianto, by Stefano Benni, that book is amaziing! hmm.. details.. it's just so full of them, i guess my favourite part is "il diavolo innamorato" and how he describes what happens to the Devils when they fall in love, the big difference between male and female, the male becomes like a huge blob, with acne, white huge puss dots on his skin, hid orns become all flabby, and smells like doughnuts. while the female just change the colour of their eyes, from yellow to blue. 

3. Spaghetti or Pizza?

4. Do you think that blood group affects our diets?
never thought about that.. so i dunno

5. Should weed be legalized?
YES, like a thousand times yes, weed is amazing, and in my country is actually really good, cheap, and incredibly easy to get it ligally. 

6. If you could have any exotic pet out there and remove their fragile picky or demanding nature, what it would be?
i want a bear, a otter, a jackalope, axolotl, triton, llama, penguin, a shark, a squirrel, i also always wanted a rock pet, like a rock with dog brain that can walk, (i dunno if are exotic animals, i just want them all) an eagle, also a dragon. 

7. Ever had an anime phase?
more a manga fan than anime, but yes, like years and years

8. Did you watch a movie called Taxidermia(2006)?
YES! and i loveee it!!! 

9. Do you think that art academies are just pretending to be elite?
unfortunatly yes, some are obviously better than others, but it also really depends on what you want from your art, and sometimes academis teachers just want what they consider good, and not what you personally like, and styles start to mash together, and you end up drawing like your deskmate. 

10. If your body was like a clay, would you change something on it?
yeah, a lot, everything

11. Why you art in the first place.
well, i love to read, but my mother never bought me books with drawings, she always thought it was better if i imagined the characters as i wanted, so since i was a kid if she read me a book, i would draw the characters later, just to have a clear idea how i pictured them, and later when they started to make a lot of kmovies from books i was pretty shocked, specially to see harry potter merchandise, like they weren't at all as my drawings of them. 

12. Do you think shipping your oc with someone else is okay?
that's actually a pretty tough question, i mean, i love my oc's, more than others, and i would be incredibly heartbroken if they weren't with the other person' oc anymore, but i like to think how they would react if that happened, one of them would kill himself, for sure, the others would be sad, but try and pick up the pieces after their break up, but still, i don't think i would like to draw them any longer.. 
for the other side is amazing to see how a character you created just clicks with someone else's, it's like, you created soulamtes, and that's the best sensation ever, at least for me. 
so yeah, it's an incredibly hard qustion, it also really depends of your relationship with the other person, how deep is the story between the ocs.. 
maybe i overthink it too much, and it's not that complicated, i guess i care more about my character's love life than i do about mine, but i guess luckily for me my oc's are paired with the most amazing person' s in the universe and i don'0t really know whatelese to say, and feel like i should say more but i really can't think more so stop. 

My Questions:

thoughts on fan artists, people who only draw fanarts. 
2:what do you love most about your art, and what less? 
3: thoughts on third wave feminism.
4: digital or paper art? 
5:what do you think about tumblr and youtube? 
6:what's the best thing about your crush?
7: what do you think about the political correctness? is it killing us?
8: any guilty pleasures? 
9:do you like dobbermans? 
10: 5 interesting things about yourself. 
11:any phobia? 
12: what's the funniest thing ever happened to you? 


DANYANTTO sloth-hatter KrappyKuro cyrelle daysdays e silvia, che non trovo il tuo account, specialmente la domanda numero 9, che è importantissima


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Jack Walker

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  • Listening to: msi
  • Playing: UNDERTALE
  • Eating: nothing, smoking a green
  • Drinking: wine
isn't it great? 

made some fan art of it…


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